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18 Sep 2012
Finally, after 15 months, I've updated the Family Tree pages here. And
they aren't just updated - formating changes made the text larger and
much easier to read thanks to
L-tools (a collection of utilities that work
with Legacy Family Tree Software).

Changes include:
Gamble line - added
Sarah Ewing as the mother of David Gamble;
added Sarah's parents,
Thomas Ewing and Sarah.

Hankins line - added
William Hankins and Jane Sharp as parents of
John Hankins.

Petty line - added
John Petty as the father of John R. Petty; added
John R.'s 2nd wife, Mary Bohannan, and their son, Benjamin Petty.

Younger line - added parents (
Humphrey Younger and Ann) and
paternal grandparents (
Humphrey Younger and Elizabeth) for
Nehemiah Younger.

Other Site Changes include:
Most Wanted pages updated, the Documents and Reports pages are
temporarily unavailable while they are still under construction.

26 Sep 2012
Changed website design/color scheme.
This site documents the ancestry of my four grandparents.

Elmer Dennis Hopkins (1894-1980) and Emma Ewers Taylor
(1900-1978) lived in Harlan County, Kentucky during most of their
marriage. Elmer was born in Harlan County but his family moved to
Rockcastle County, Kentucky when he was a child. Emma was born and
raised in Rockcastle County. Elmer and Emma had 4 daughters.

John William "Will" McCauley (1875-1959) and Verda Waller
Hankins (1882-1942) lived in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. Verda was
born and raised in Hopkins County, Kentucky. Will was born as Thomas
Jefferson Lanier in Alabama, probably in either Chambers or Randolph
County, and grew up in that general area. Will and Verda had 7 daughters
and 4 sons.

Four generations of known
surnames in each line are:
Hankins Line - Petty, Goodloe, Thomas, Weeks, Dobyns
Hopkins Line - Howard, Wolfenbarger, Morris, McFarland, Risner, Mark
McCauley Line - Lanier, Bennett, Jackson, Gamble, Smith, Malone, Finney
Taylor Line - Owens, Ramsey, Lavender, Mullins

Corrections and additions are always welcome. If you find a connection,
e-mail me.

Linda McCauley  
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