Welcome to the beginning of my new website. A complete re-design is underway, including a move to a new platform. This site first launched in January 2007. While it’s had a couple of theme changes and the family tree data updated over time, a complete overhaul has been on my mind for a couple of years. I finally stepped off that cliff.

That paragraph was written in May 2014. Things haven’t moved as quickly as I’d like so most of the information I intended to add isn’t here yet. 

The blog is integrated with the rest of the website and has a new domain. In fact, the entire site now carries the name Documenting the Details. If you’d like to continue following the blog, please update the URL in your RSS feed reader (see button in the header or footer) or subscribe by email (see sidebar on the blog).   

Four Most Wanted pages have been updated, and others are planned. A summary page for each grandparent has been added. Family tree pages will return but a target date for that is not set. 

Please email me if you find a connection. 

Linda McCauley


Last Update: 23 Jul 2015